Webinar: Contract Basics for Land Surveyors



Presented by Landon Blake, Redefined Horizons

Many land surveyors assume contracts are a black box they aren’t supposed to understand. That isn’t true! You shouldn’t be signing a contract you don’t understand. In this webinar, Landon will cover basics of business contracts for land surveyors. That will include the purpose of a control, the parts of a contract, and the red flags you need to look for when reviewing contracts. Landon will review the language in the CLSA standard contract and will also look at a contract sent by a potential client with major problems. Landon will answer the following questions in the webinar:

  1. When does a land surveyor need a contract?
  2. What belongs in a contract?
  3. Do you need a scope-of-services and a mapping limits exhibit in your contract?
  4. What is duty to defend language, and why is it important?
  5. What should your contract say about digital deliverables?
  6. Can you use a contract to limit your liability?
  7. How is professional liability insurance related to your contract?
  8. What are 3 principles you should follow when reviewing or writing contracts?

*Presentations are not reviewed by CLSA and are the sole opinion and advice of that speaker/presenter.