Webinar: County Surveyor Review of Record-of-Survey Maps



1 hour webinar presented live on July 10, 2020

Review of record-of-survey maps is a frequent point of conflict between land surveyors. County surveyors deal with poor quality map submittals and submitting land surveyors deal with overreach by county surveyors and their staff. A clear understanding of the scope of a county surveyors review as authorized by the law and the legal requirements for record-of-survey maps helps to avoid conflict. In this webinar, Landon will exam the actual code in the California Land Surveyors Act related to record-of-survey map review and legal requirements for record-of-surveys. He will attempt to answer these questions, based on the actual wording of the code:

  • What elements of a record-of-survey map are county surveyors authorized to review? (What should a county surveyor be checking?)
  • What elements of a record-of-survey map are county surveyors not authorized to review?
  • Who decides review should end and a map should be filed – the county surveyor or the submitting surveyor?
  • What should go in a county surveyor filing note – and is it really a big deal to get one on your map?
  • Who should decide graphical standards for the ROS map (fonts, symbols, lineweights)?
  • Can a county surveyor require changes to your boundary resolution?

Landon Blake – Redefined Horizons