Webinar: Processing Static GPS Data With CORS and PBO in TBC



Presented by Landon Blake, Redefined Horizons

Processing Static GPS Data With CORS and PBO In TBC California has a dense network of CORS and PBO stations. A land surveyor can use these stations to establish state plane coordinates. With just a bit of extra effort during field surveys, a surveyor can put these coordinates on primary control points and property corner monuments. In this webinar, Landon will show you how to do this using actual data and Trimble Business Center.


In the webinar, Landon will answer these questions:

  1. How do you download CORS and PBO data?
  2. How do you use an ephemeris to improve processing?
  3. How do you process baselines and analyze loop closures?
  4. Where do you get your controlling coordinate information?
  5. How do you get a NAVD 88 elevation for your seed point?
  6. How should you configure your network adjustment?
  7. How do you calculate the accuracy of your adjusted network?